About Us

Bangladesh Medical Society (BMS) in the UK

BMS is a voluntary organisation of Bangladeshi medical doctors, allied professionals, doctor’s partners,  their widows/ widowers and medical students working and living in the UK.

Its aim is to promote and serve the interests of British Bangladeshi doctor’s community.

The society upholds and nurtures the Bangladeshi culture, traditions and heritage.

It also fosters co-operation and friendship of other organisations of similar aims and objectives. BMS has got a close tie with the General Medical Council, British Medical Association and BAPIO.

Bangladesh Medical Society has got three categories of members:

1. Ordinary member 2. Associate member and 3. Affiliate member

Membership fees (annual): Ordinary member – £20.00, Associate member – £20.00 and Affiliate member – £10.00. We usually encourage our members to pay by a standing order once a year.

The Society is run by the executive committee. The executive committee is elected by the ordinary members by direct vote once in three year.

Tie with GMC

Bangladesh Medical Society is a members of the GMC’s BAME forum. We join the forum meetings regularly via Zoom.

General Secretary Dr M S Bhuiyan regularly attends the meeting with the GMC BAME forum.

Our younger member Dr Anindya Shams is the link person with the GMC to help the PLAB examinees from overseas countries especially from the red listed countries during the pandemic.

Tie with BMA

BMS has got a very close tie with the British Medical Association. Our president Dr Rafiqul Hasan Khan keeps in touch of BMA Council Chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul. Mr Nagpaul attended our annual dinner in 2018 as a chief guest. 


For International Medical Graduates:

If you would like to come to UK and join the Post Graduate Medical Education and Training, please contact the following person for further help, advice and guidance: Dr Anindya Shams is a member of  BMS and has been formally delegated for this task. He will also support you for further career advice in the UK. He is also the link person with the GMC to discuss options to help PLAB examinees from overseas especially the red listed countries during the pandemic.   

Dr Anindya Shams

Postal address:  57, Murdock Avenue, Preston PR2 2BL, UK 

E-mail: anindyashams@gmail.com

Mobile: 07518752768

Working as a doctor in the UK

PLAB examination is a straightforward route to work in the United Kingdom as a doctor. The GMC website has a section on PLAB.

First you need to complete the IELTS or OET examination. There are centers available in Dhaka for both the exams.

The second step is to book a date for PLAB 1 exam. The registration can be done on line through the GMC website. Besides UK, the PLAB 1 can be completed in Dhaka, India, Srilanka and many other countries outside the UK. Online course are available for PLAB 1 with past papers. Khalid, Hamid and Swami are well known course providers.

After passing the PLAB 1 (theory), you need to book PLAB 2 on line in the same way as part 1. PLAB 2 is OSCE (clinical) and you need to pass 12 stations out of 18 stations. Hamid (in London) and Swami (in Manchester) are well known course providers. Both of them runs 2-3 week’s intensive course and the examinee usually book accommodation nearby during this course.

The PLAB 2 center is in Manchester in the UK. So the examinee would need visa and they apply visit visa with the reason for visit as appearing PLAB 2.


You could also consider visiting the following websites: 

  • www.britishcouncil.org.bd
  • www.gmc-uk.org
  • bma.org.uk/ overseasdoctorsadvice